1. Quarter of coronavirus survivors report losing hair ‘in clumps’  NEWS.com.au
  2. Could hair loss be another Covid-19-related side effect?  Health24
  3. COVID-19 Has Been Linked to Hair Loss—Here's Why That Isn't Surprising to Doctors  Health.com
  4. Why Some People Who Had COVID-19 Are Dealing With Hair Loss, According to Doctors  Prevention.com
  5. Hair Loss After COVID Recovery  http://hamodia.com
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  1. Sick man 'told to catch bus to doc' before COVID test  CQ News
  2. Lockyer family of six awaiting Covid-19 test results  Chronicle
  3. Sick man says there is a ‘massive gap’ in Qld Health COVID-19 testing  Courier Mail
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  1. Doctors warning over coronavirus and children as brain side effects increase  7NEWS.com.au
  2. How does COVID-19 affect kids’ brains? Doctors cite concern over lasting effects  Miami Herald
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Tips for Donating to Charities through an Amazon Wishlist for to Tackle COVID-19 Amazon Wish List
  1. COVID-19 and cancer insights revealed in new European study  Mirage News
  2. Covid-19: Understanding immunity and what it means for a vaccine  Health24
  3. Coronavirus Covid 19: What you need to know about 'lab-made' claims  New Zealand Herald
  4. COVID-19: Are we safe from our own trash? | TheHill  The Hill
  5. People over 1.8m may be 'twice as likely' to contract new coronavirus  Health24
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  1. Britain to roll out millions of 90-minute coronavirus tests  Japan Today
  2. Coronavirus 90-minute tests to be provided in care homes and hospitals  The Guardian
  3. New 'lifesaving' tests for coronavirus will be rolled out next week - and routinely screen Britons  Daily Mail
  4. Whole cities and towns to be tested in case of local Covid outbreak using 90 minute procedure  Telegraph.co.uk
  5. New 90-minute tests for Covid-19 and flu 'hugely beneficial' in winter fight  Jersey Evening Post
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  1. LIVE: NSW coronavirus news: Call for stage 3 lockdown in Sydney  NEWS.com.au
  2. Sydney coronavirus lockdown calls by leading epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely  7NEWS.com.au
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  1. Record imports of dodgy COVID cures  The Australian
  2. 'Hope in treatments': Spike in imports of drugs believed to treat COVID-19  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Ephedra, Hydroxycholoquine, imported into Australia as ‘COVID cures’  NEWS.com.au
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  1. New rules on gatherings in some parts of Northern England  GOV.UK
  2. Coronavirus live news: England tightens restrictions, WHO says 'young people' behind some spikes  The Guardian
  3. Indoor household visits ban is latest response in Covid-19 recovery  Witney Gazette
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  1. Young children carry higher levels of coronavirus: study  Yahoo News Australia
  2. How coronavirus affects the brain and central nervous system  7NEWS.com.au
  3. Study says that young children carry as much coronavirus in their noses as adults  NBC News
  4. Children may carry coronavirus at high levels, study finds  Deccan Herald
  5. Researchers find COVID-infected children are major carriers, further complicating the school-reopening debate  Fortune
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Dog named Buddy dies after coronavirus diagnosis in US  7NEWS.com.auView Full coverage on Google News
  1. From swab to sequencing - scalable method for identifying SARS-CoV-2  News-Medical.Net
  2. The virus that causes COVID-19 has been silently brewing in bats for decades  Popular Science
  3. Wuhan coronavirus hunter Shi Zhengli speaks out  Science
  4. Study explores if prior exposure to common cold viruses may affect SARS-CoV-2 severity  News-Medical.Net
  5. Looking beyond COVID-19's spike protein for the next wave of vaccines  FierceBiotech
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  1. Leading epidemiologist says COVID-19 is NOT taking off in Victoria again  3AW
  2. Victoria's record high COVID-19 cases are startling - is it time to change our response?  ABC News
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  1. Multiple, intertwined cell death systems to prevent the spread of 'intracellular' bacteria  News-Medical.net
  2. The enemy within: Safeguarding against the spread of intracellular bacteria  Medical Xpress
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  1. UK scientists immunising hundreds with experimental coronavirus vaccine  9News
  2. UK scientists to immunize hundreds with coronavirus vaccine  ABC News
  3. The Latest: U.K. scientists to immunize hundreds with experimental coronavirus vaccine  Press Herald
  4. UK scientists to immunise hundreds with coronavirus vaccine  The Hindu
  5. UK scientists immunize hundreds with coronavirus vaccine  Taiwan News
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  1. Young people 'not invincible' in COVID-19 pandemic: WHO chief  ARIRANG NEWS
  2. Coronavirus: Is there a second wave? COVID-19 might be one wave  Deseret News
  3. Careless Young People Driving Some COVID-19 Spikes: WHO  NDTV
  4. Coronavirus not 'seasonal', the current pandemic constitutes 'one big wave': WHO  WION
  5. 'One big wave' – why the Covid-19 second wave may not exist  The Guardian
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