1. Sharp drop in Australia's bad cholesterol levels – but rising in Asia and the Pacific  UQ News
  2. Cholesterol levels in UK have dropped sharply since 1980  Daily Mail
  3. Heart doctor urges Kiwis to stay away from high-fat, low-carb diets  Newshub
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  1. Hydroxychloroquine ineffective at preventing COVID-19: trial  Bangkok Post
  2. Study panning anti-malaria drug Trump took against COVID faces new questions - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
  3. How were medical journals and WHO caught out over hydroxychloroquine?  The Guardian
  4. Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19 in high profile study  CNA
  5. Hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19, large study finds  NBC News
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  1. Showers, toilets and washbasins may act as SARS-CoV-2 reservoirs despite low environmental transmission  News-Medical.Net
  2. Cars: transition from lockdown is a fork in the road – here are two possible outcomes for future travel  The Conversation UK
  3. COVID-19: What a second wave might look like  Jakarta Post
  4. Siemens receives FDA approval for SARS-CoV-2 antibody test  News-Medical.Net
  5. HIV Infection, Not ART or PrEP, Suspected To Protect Against Severe Covid Disease  POZ
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  1. Tiny Human Livers Grown in The Lab Have Been Successfully Transplanted Into Rats  ScienceAlert
  2. Scientists Grow Miniature Human Livers From Stem Cells, Successfully Transplant Them In Rats  Study Finds
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  1. Genetic Testing For Ovarian Cancer: Why Is It Important?  SurvivorNet
  2. Convenient spit test helps women assess cancer risk from the comfort of their own homes  Medical Xpress
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  1. Coronavirus risks becoming winter disease, Australian study says  9News
  2. Winter time could be COVID-19 time: study  7NEWS.com.au
  3. Reduced humidity linked to increased COVID-19 risk  Medical Xpress
  4. COVID-19 could be seasonal illness that returns as humidity decreases, new Australia study reveals  Fox News
  5. Coronavirus: COVID-19 could be a 'seasonal illness' with higher risk in winter - new research  Newshub
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  1. Health City to test patients for COVID 19 'immunity'  Cayman Compass
  2. Coronavirus Testing: Should I Go For It Even If I Have No Symptoms? : Goats and Soda  NPR
  3. Antibody tests not always accurate, but still a useful tool  NJTV News
  4. In-home antibody test shows promise; recovering surgery patients at risk from coronavirus  Yahoo News
  5. Coronavirus: antibody testing begins at Royal Preston hospital | 5 News  5 News
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  1. Three more coronavirus-related deaths reported in North East NHS hospitals  Chronicle Live
  2. UK coronavirus breakthrough as nearly 70 hospital trusts confirm ZERO deaths over weekend  Express
  3. Coronavirus: 69 hospital trusts in England report no deaths in 48 hours  Mirror Online
  4. No Covid-19 deaths for 48 hours at 11 hospitals in London  Evening Standard
  5. No coronavirus deaths across 11 London hospitals in 48 hours  The Independent
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  1. These Scenarios Show What a Second Wave of COVID-19 Could Look Like  ScienceAlert
  2. Protests could spread coronavirus. But a second wave was coming before the demonstrations.  NBC News
  3. There is no evidence to suggest a coronavirus 'second wave' is coming  Telegraph.co.uk
  4. COVID-19: Second wave not inevitable, depends on effective restrictive measures: experts  Vancouver Sun
  5. Second and more deadly wave of coronavirus will hit this autumn, WHO expert warns  The Sun
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  1. Victoria's coronavirus cases rise by 10 as aged care and kindergarten go into lockdown  ABC News
  2. Victoria coronavirus update: Melbourne kindergarten in Macleod closes  7NEWS.com.au
  3. Melbourne kindergarten teacher and aged care worker diagnosed with coronavirus  9News
  4. COVID-19 latest: Aged care home in lockdown and a Melbourne kindergarten closed  3AW
  5. Cash catapults researchers toward antiviral medication  Herald Sun
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  1. Hormones may make men and women experience alcohol differently  Inverse
  2. Sex Differences in Alcohol Abuse: Fluctuating Estrogen Levels May Make Alcohol More Rewarding  SciTechDaily
  3. Estrogen Levels May Make Alcohol More Rewarding to Females, Say Authors of Study on Binge-drinking Mice  Newsweek
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  1. “Dangerous moment” as senior scientists warn lockdown is being eased too quickly - BBC News  BBC News
  2. Brits flout lockdown to crowd at pubs, beaches and riversides as UK temperatures soar  Mirror Online
  3. Brits could be given coronavirus 'risk scores' during easing of lockdown, scientist suggests  Evening Standard
  4. Government easing lockdown too early, risking a second peak - former science advisor  LBC
  5. Brits may be given coronavirus 'risk scores' as UK lockdown eases, scientist says  Mirror Online
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  1. Dad's tragic revelation after 12-year-old son takes his own life in isolation  Yahoo News Australia
  2. Dad Shares Heartbreak After 12-year-old Son Commits Suicide During Isolation  Yahoo Singapore News
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  1. Global report: new clues about role of pangolins in Covid-19 as US severs ties with WHO  The Guardian
  2. Mortality and pulmonary complications in patients undergoing surgery with perioperative SARS-CoV-2 infection: an international cohort study  The Lancet
  3. Coronavirus: How is Italy coping now? - BBC Newsnight  BBC Newsnight
  4. Can antibody tests tell us who is immune to COVID-19?  Inverse
  5. Mitigating the risks of surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic  The Lancet
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  1. How coronavirus 'changes the game' for the anti-vaccination movement  ABC News
  2. 'Slap them down' or hear them out: How to handle misinformation 'superspreaders'?  Sydney Morning Herald
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  1. Ruby Princess passengers told a crew member has TB  Seatrade Cruise News
  2. Ruby Princess passengers issued tuberculosis warning  Sky News Australia
  3. Coronavirus-hit Ruby Princess passengers contacted about crew member with tuberculosis  ABC News
  4. Ruby Princess crew member has tuberculosis  NEWS.com.au
  5. No new coronavirus cases recorded in NSW  Sky News Australia
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  1. Coronavirus state of emergency extended in Victoria as cases two clusters continue to rise  ABC News
  2. Coronavirus: Victoria’s COVID clusters worsen as state of emergency is extended  7NEWS.com.au
  3. Students at four Vic schools quarantined  Sky News Australia
  4. A testing pop-up clinic has opened in Keilor as source of cluster investigated  Herald Sun
  5. Coronavirus Australia live news COVID-19 latest  ABC News
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  1. Fourth person dies of COVID-19 in Bell County  KCENNews
  2. Local nursing home resident dies of COVID-19, more cases confirmed  KWTX
  3. Bell County Public Health reports Temple nursing home COVID-19 cluster  KXXV News Channel 25
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  1. Coronavirus pandemic updates from around the world  CNN International
  2. Coronavirus: Shielders in England allowed outdoors again from Monday  BBC News
  3. Lockdown to be eased for England's most clinically vulnerable  The Guardian
  4. Why I think people who are shielding from coronavirus deserve better as lockdown restrictions continue to ease  Sunderland Echo
  5. Lockdown easing for coronavirus 'shielders' in England, Prime Minister announces  ITV News
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