Name change dominates Macedonia election  SBS News

Voters in North Macedonia are heading to the polls for the first time since the country changed its name to join the EU, in a move some are still unhappy about.

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  1. Bali volcano erupts again  Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Bali’s Mount Agung volcano erupts overnight, spewing ash 2km high
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  1. Four dead in Saudi police station attack
  2. Four killed in 'foiled' attack on Saudi police station: Reports  Al Jazeera English
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Ukraine comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy set to win presidential election, exit polls show  ABC News

A comedian whose only political experience consists of playing a president on television appears headed for a landslide victory in Ukraine's real-life presidential ...

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Thai cave rescue hero Josh Bratchley himself saved after US dive goes wrong  ABC News

One of the divers who assisted in the rescue of a soccer team and their coach trapped in a Thai cave has himself been rescued after a cave dive went wrong.

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  1. Mary’s Newtown: A pub has been slammed after making a joke about Jesus
  2. Mary’s Newtown forced to delete controversial Facebook post of Jesus  Daily Telegraph
  3. What and where is heaven? The answers are at the heart of the Easter story  The Conversation AU
  4. Maundy Thursday traditions: What is in the red and white purses? What are the flowers for?  Express
  5. Good Friday 2019: What is it and why is it so significant for Christians?  The Independent
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  1. Facebook bans UK far-right hate groups
  2. Facebook bans far-right groups including BNP, EDL and Britain First  The Guardian
  3. Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders  BBC News
  4. If I was still in the EDL today, being banned from Facebook would have done nothing to deradicalise me  The Independent
  5. Facebook permanently bans 12 far-right groups and figures  Daily Mail
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  1. Deadly storms hit US East Coast
  2. Deadly US tornadoes threaten 90 million people
  3. Deadly storms, tornadoes sweep across southern United States  The Age
  4. Children killed, thousands without power after violent storms hammer US  SBS News
  5. Eight dead in storms across the South: 80 million people at risk as deadly storms move east  Daily Mail
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Japan begins massive nuclear pool clean-up after Fukushima disaster  ABC News

The operator of the tsunami-wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant has begun removing fuel from a cooling pool at one of three reactors that melted down in the ...

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  1. Cruise ship alleged rape: ‘International waters’ defence sees man let off
  2. Teenager 'who raped British girl on cruise' walks free because alleged attack was in international waters  The Independent
  3. Cruise rape suspect freed as 'attack happened at sea'  Express
  4. Girl, 17, Says She Was Raped Aboard Cruise Ship, Suspect Released Because Judge Had no Jurisdiction  Newsweek
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  1. Twitter: UK politician dismisses ‘I wouldn’t even rape you’ tweet as ‘satire’
  2. Sorry Gerard Batten, rape can’t be ‘satire’ when misogynistic abuse is widespread in politics  The Independent
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Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage creates new party to contest European Union election  ABC News

Nigel Farage, one of the leaders of the pro-Brexit campaign, has launched a new Brexit party, promising to put "the fear of God" into lawmakers he accused of ...

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  1. Man confesses to murder of Slovak journalist and his fiancee  Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Jan Kuciak: Ex-soldier 'admits double murder' in Slovakia  BBC News
  3. Did Slovakia just slow European populism’s momentum?  The Washington Post
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  1. Damond's shooter told to 'keep mouth shut'
  2. Damond's shooter told to 'keep mouth shut'  The Canberra Times
  3. Additional Officers Testify In Mohamed Noor Trial, Body Cam Footage Shown  WCCO | CBS Minnesota
  4. Officer advised Mohamed Noor to ‘keep mouth shut’ after shooting  St. Paul Pioneer Press
  5. Noor trial: Supervisor said photo in dining room led to Damond's identification  Star Tribune
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EU, China hail 'breakthrough' trade agreement that contrasts Trump's 'America First' agenda  ABC News

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has promised the European Union Beijing will no longer force foreign companies to share sensitive know-how when operating in ...

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US man Alex Dion to be extradited over alleged murder of Wachira 'Mario' Phetmang  ABC News

An American man will be extradited to Australia over the alleged murder of a Thai national who was dumped on a Western Sydney roadside last year.

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  1. India: police charge Catholic bishop with raping nun  The Guardian
  2. Indian bishop charged with raping nun  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Catholic bishop in India charged with repeatedly raping nun  The Independent
  4. Catholic bishop charged with raping nun in India  CNN
  5. In A First, Kerala Bishop Franco Mulakkal To Go On Trial In Nun Rape Case  NDTV News
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  1. Auckland: 58 Anzac Day services cut over ‘safety concerns’ after terror attacks
  2. Security fears dampen Kiwi Anzac Day plans  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. NZ police encourage local councils to cut down Anzac services  The Australian
  4. New Zealand cuts dozens of Anzac events over Christchurch terror risk  The Guardian
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  1. Russia’s plans for Arctic nuclear expansion: Vladimir Putin
  2. Putin mocks Mueller report: ‘a mountain gave birth to a mouse’  The Guardian
  3. Russia to boost nuclear ice breakers, build new ports and revamp military bases to boost shipping  Daily Mail
  4. A U.S. Fighter Jet or a Russian Missile System. Not Both.  The New York Times
  5. Russia warning: Kremlin reveals plans to DOMINATE Arctic using defunct Soviet bases
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  1. School principal dies after donating bone marrow to teen he never met
  2. New Jersey principal dies donating bone marrow to a French teenager  Daily Mail
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Stolen excavator used to rip ATM from shop wall in Northern Ireland  ABC News

Police release CCTV footage of the stolen digger carving an ATM out of a shop wall — the latest in a string of thefts in Northern Ireland and across the border in ...

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  1. Sultan of Brunei: $30 million Gold Coast real estate nightmare
  2. The Sultan of Brunei created a $30 million Gold Coast real estate nightmare  Courier Mail
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  1. Hypocrisy of Brunei’s new barbarity  The Australian
  2. RICHARD PENDLEBURY asks why British Royal Gurkha Rifles protect the Sultan of Brunei  Daily Mail
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  1. War hero and 'Father of the American Cavalry' was actually a woman  Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Revolutionary War hero who saved George Washington's life may have been a woman  SBS News
  3. Polish general who fought with Washington may have been a woman  The Guardian
  4. Casimir Pulaski may have been woman or intersex, study says  BBC News
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Strongman Prabowo preys on Indonesian insecurities in stadium rally pitch  Sydney Morning Herald

The stark contradictions in the underdog's message were on full display at the massive stadium rally in Jakarta on Sunday.

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  1. Cats can recognise their own name, Japanese study finds  ABC News
  2. Meow-stery solved: Do cats really know that you're calling them?  Yahoo News Australia
  3. Scientists Talked To Cats To Figure Out If They Know Their Own Names  Gizmodo Australia
  4. I hear you, I just don’t care: cats know their names, they don’t know respect  The Australian
  5. Cats able to recognise their own names, study shows | Daily Star  Daily Star
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  1. Libyan army commander orders forces to march on Tripoli  Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Libya crisis: General Haftar tells forces to take capital  BBC News
  3. Libyan strongman orders troops to march on Tripoli  The Guardian
  4. Libya: High alert in Tripoli after renegade leader orders advance | Al Jazeera English  Al Jazeera English
  5. Libya braced for war as Khalifa Haftar orders advance on Tripoli  The Telegraph
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Woman's chilling Google search before killing family  Yahoo7 News

Sarah Hart did a number of Google searches before her family plunged to their deaths off a cliff.

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  1. Woman gives birth to granddaughter for gay son and husband
  2. Emotional images show moment grandmother, 61, gives birth to granddaughter  Lifestyle
  3. 61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to her Own Granddaughter  Sputnik International
  4. Woman, 61, gives birth to own granddaughter  The Independent
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  1. Federal Budget 2019: Medicare, GPs and scan changes  Daily Telegraph
  2. Budget 2019 boosts aged care and mental health, and modernises Medicare: health experts respond  The Conversation AU
  3. Coalition gives budget boost to aged care and Medicare services before election  The Guardian
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  1. St Paul’s Cathedral death: Teenage boy dies after falling from Whispers
  2. UK teenager dies after plunging from cathedral gallery
  3. Boy dies after falling from St Paul's Whispering Gallery  The Guardian
  4. Teenager dies after falling from St Paul's Cathedral dome
  5. A teenager is dead after falling from the Whispering Gallery in London's St. Paul's Cathedral  CNN
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  1. 'Very nice': Yes, Scott Morrison just did a Borat impression during Question Time  SBS News
  2. Cringeworthy moment Scott Morrison makes a Borat reference while attacking Labor about carbon tax  Daily Mail
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  1. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expels ex-ministers from Liberals in bid to end pre-election scandal  ABC News
  2. SNC-Lavalin affair: Trudeau expels 'whistleblower' MPs  BBC News
  3. Canada: ex-cabinet members expelled from Liberal party amid scandal  The Guardian
  4. Justin Trudeau expels former cabinet ministers from Liberal Party amid corruption scandal  The Telegraph
  5. Trudeau expels ex-ministers in bid to end Liberal Party crisis
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  1. Inquiry into Paladin expanded to cover all Manus and Nauru contracts  The Guardian
  2. Auditor-General launches probe into Home Affairs offshore contracts  The Age
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  1. New Zealand shooters back new law after Christchurch mosque attacks  SBS News
  2. New Zealand gun lobby backs ban after Christchurch mosques attack
  3. Gang Refuses to Bow to New Zealand’s Gun Reforms: 'We Can't Guarantee Our Own Safety'  Newsweek
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  1. What can a DNA test actually reveal about your ancestry?  ABC News
  2. How DNA ancestry testing can change our ideas of who we are  The Conversation AU
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  1. Thai baby elephants cheered as they escape mud pit  BBC News
  2. Six baby elephants are saved by Thai park rangers after getting trapped overnight in a muddy pit  Daily Mail
  3. Thai rangers free six trapped baby elephants  SBS News
  4. Six baby elephants stuck in muddy pit rescued by Thailand park rangers  The Independent
  5. Thai rangers rescue six baby elephants trapped in mud pit  The Telegraph
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  1. Mystery of Garfield phones washing up on French shore finally solved  ABC News
  2. Decades-old mystery of Garfield phones washing up on French beaches is SOLVED  Daily Mail
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  1. Bangladeshi woman gives birth to twins from second womb, a month after delivering her first child  ABC News
  2. Mother gives birth to twins one month after having baby  The Independent
  3. Bangladesh mother discovers twins in second uterus days after giving birth  The Guardian
  4. Mother with ‘two wombs’ gives birth to twins one month after delivering a son  Daily Mail
  5. Bangladesh mother has twins one month after giving birth to boy after doctors miss second uterus  The Telegraph
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  1. UK jet ski fugitive to be extradited to Perth after Cairns court appearance  ABC News
  2. 'Jetski fugitive' fails in bid to fight extradition to WA
  3. British jet ski fugitive has 'no regrets' as he is extradited to WA  Sydney Morning Herald
  4. British national to be extradited to WA from Cairns to face drug charges after trying to flee country  The Cairns Post
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  1. Conmen posed as French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to scam millions, police say  ABC News
  2. Conmen made €8m by impersonating French minister - Israeli police  The Guardian
  3. Conmen posed as French foreign minister to steal €8 million, police say  BBC News
  4. Israeli police arrest conmen accused of impersonating French foreign minister to swindle €8 million  The Telegraph
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  1. Pope Francis filmed rejecting ring kiss from worshippers in bizarre video  PerthNow
  2. Pope Francis refuses to let faithful kiss his ring  The Age
  3. Pope Francis filmed refusing to let Catholics kiss his papal ring
  4. To kiss or not to kiss the pope’s ring? He needs to make it clear  The Guardian
  5. 'Not a Roman emperor': Pope Francis withdraws hand as worshippers try to kiss his papal ring  ABC News
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  1. Woman's body found washed up in West Coast valley after flooding
  2. Woman dies as flash flooding hits New Zealand  The Guardian
  3. A woman’s body is washed up on a the banks of an overflowing river after a mass flooding  Daily Mail
  4. West Coast flooding: Police name woman who died after being swept away  Radio New Zealand
  5. Police identify woman, 66, swept away by West Coast floodwaters  TVNZ
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  1. China to prosecute former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei for 'abusing power', 'lavish' spending  ABC News
  2. China expels former Interpol chief from Communist Party for 'lavish spending'  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Meng Hongwei: China to prosecute former Interpol chief  BBC News
  4. China to prosecute former Interpol chief for corruption and spending 'lavish' amounts of state funds  Daily Mail
  5. China Expels Former Interpol Chief From Communist Party for ‘Extravagant’ Spending  The New York Times
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  1. 'I'm pushing Michael G': Tory backbencher's 'reply all' lays bare UK leadership plotting  Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Who will be in the running to replace Theresa May?  The Guardian
  3. Theresa May quits: Who will be the next Prime Minister? Runners and riders assessed
  4. Theresa May has nothing to lose by promising to quit, not least since her party will force her out soon anyway  The Independent
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  1. North Korea's Kim to visit Russia: report
  2. Was North Korea’s vital 'transformation computer' taken in raid on Madrid embassy?  The Telegraph
  3. Kim Jong Un Plans Trip to Russia After Meeting With Donald Trump Falls Apart  Newsweek
  4. The North Korea fiasco  The Washington Post
  5. North Korea Rebel Group Trying to Overthrow Kim Jong Un Says 'Visas' to 'Liberated Nation' Selling Fast  Newsweek
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  1. Jacinda Ardern: What the New Zealand PM looked like in 1997 | Video
  2. From Mahometan to Kiwi Muslim: history of NZ's Muslim population  The Conversation AU
  3. Why did New Zealand intelligence fail to catch attack suspect?
  4. If Jacinda Ardern was in No 10, imagine how different Brexit would be  The Guardian
  5. To prevent another Christchurch, Islam must confront the attacks in its name that have radicalised the West
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  1. Mueller probe finding of no-collusion reflects badly on FBI  The Australian
  2. Ex-Trump adviser takes aim at Alexander Downer after Mueller report  The Guardian
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  1. Paedophile gets 260 years’ jail for sexually assaulting newborn, other children
  2. Pedophile, 45, faints in court after a judge sentences him to 260 years for molesting baby  Daily Mail
  3. Thomas Goodman: Paedophile faints in court as he's hailed for 260 years | Daily Star  Daily Star
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  1. Mali massacre: 160 confirmed dead as President vows to increase security  SBS News
  2. The Ogossagou massacre is the latest sign that violence in Mali is spiraling out of control  CNN
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