Hong Kong's economy tanking, prices fall as tourists avoid the streets  Sydney Morning Herald

Hong Kong: At Hong Kong's Li Yuen street, normally a rainbow of silk chinoiserie, many stalls remained shuttered near lunch time on Friday. “If only a few ...

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  1. Indian troops kill several in Kashmir: Pakistan  The Age
  2. Soldiers killed in Kashmir border clashes  NEWS.com.au
  3. Kashmir: A priority for British Asians?  BBC News
  4. Kashmir's struggle did not start in 1947 and will not end today  Al Jazeera English
  5. The Silence Is the Loudest Sound  The New York Times
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  1. North Korea fires missiles into the ocean  NEWS.com.au
  2. North Korea won't hold further talks with South after US military exercise  SBS News
  3. North Korea snubs peace talks with South Korea over war drills  BBC News
  4. Kim Jong-un’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year  The New York Times
  5. South Koreans mark anniversary of end of Japan's colonial rule  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Madness on High Seas: Exploring the South China Sea (2014) | Foreign Correspondent  ABC News (Australia)
  2. South China Sea: Beijing on collision course with US after investing $300m in Cambodia  Express.co.uk
  3. South China Sea tensions soar as Beijing re-enters disputed Vietnamese Spratly Islands  Express.co.uk
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  1. Jakarta: ‘Very risky’ plans to move overcrowded city to Borneo  NEWS.com.au
  2. Indonesia's Jokowi formally proposes relocating capital to Borneo  Aljazeera.com
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  1. Malcolm Turnbull defends Scott Morrison's approach to climate change as 'real world'  ABC News
  2. 'Appalling misogynist': Malcolm Turnbull unloads on shock jock Alan Jones  The Age
  3. No future in new coal-fired power: Turnbull  The Australian
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  1. Trump expresses interest in buying Greenland for the United States  NEWS.com.au
  2. Donald Trump joked about the United States buying Greenland from Denmark, source says  ABC News
  3. Trump wants the US to buy Greenland, say sources  Sydney Morning Herald
  4. Trump's Greenland purchase idea ridiculed  NEWS.com.au
  5. Move over, Mar-a-Lago: Donald Trump reportedly keen to buy Greenland  SBS News
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  1. Pompeii archaeologists find 'sorcerer's treasure trove', including fertility charms  ABC News
  2. Archaeologists in Pompeii find amulets and charms that may have been used by Roman sorcerer  The Telegraph
  3. Archaeologists discover a mysterious 'sorcerer's treasure trove' trunk at Pompeii  Daily Mail
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  1. Boeing 787 engine breaks mid-flight sending plane debris falling ‘like bullets’  NEWS.com.au
  2. Boeing jet engine fragments rain down on Rome  The Australian
  3. Metal shards from Boeing 787 taking off over Rome rain down ‘like bullets’ on people below  The Independent
  4. Cars are damaged in Rome after plane debris rains down  Daily Mail
  5. Boeing 787 Engine Fragments Fall From the Sky 'Like Bullets'  Newsweek
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  1. Bulletproof backpacks: Good idea or do they go too far?  13WHAM-TV
  2. 'Exploiting fear': US companies cashing in with 'bulletproof' backpacks for kids  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Sales Increase For Bulletproof Backpacks As Kids Head Back To School  CBS Miami
  4. Bulletproof backpacks: Sales soar in US after shootings  FRANCE 24
  5. Sales Of Bulletproof Backpacks On The RIse  CBS Miami
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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Man arrested, at least one injured in Sydney stabbing attack | Nine News Australia  Nine News Australia
  2. Suspect in custody after Winona stabbing  WEAU
  3. Winona man, 19, stabbed multiple times; suspect taken into custody  Winona Daily News
  4. Police: 19-Year-Old Stabbed Near Winona State University  WCCO | CBS Minnesota
  5. 19-year-old stabbed multiple times near Winona State University campus  KMSP-TV
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Lucas Fowler: Suspect’s father apologises to victim’s family  NEWS.com.au

The father of Bryer Schmegelsky, one of the two Canadian teenagers suspected of murdering Lucas Fowler, Chynna Deese and Leonard Dyck, has said sorry to ...

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  1. Biden criticized after saying: 'Poor kids are as bright as white kids'  The Guardian
  2. Joe Biden: Poor kids are just as bright as white kids  CNN
  3. Trump Campaign: “White Supremacist” Is the New “Deplorables”  Vanity Fair
  4. US Criminal Justice: Joe Biden's record scrutinised  Al Jazeera English
  5. Biden insists Trump called white supremacists 'very fine people' after Charlottesville riots  Daily Mail
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  1. Donald Trump: President says he wants ‘meaningful’ background checks for gun owners  NEWS.com.au
  2. Donald Trump says NRA could soften its opposition on gun reforms  SBS News
  3. Republicans halt Twitter spending after platform locks McConnell account  The Age
  4. Should we trust Mitch McConnell on guns?  The Washington Post
  5. Mitch McConnell, the ‘do nothing’ Senate leader  The Washington Post
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  1. 'Terrorist incident' kills at least 20 people outside Cairo cancer hospital  ABC News
  2. Car explosion was terror attack gone wrong: Egypt  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Egypt car crash sets off deadly explosion outside Cairo hospital  Al Jazeera English
  4. Egypt explosion: What is happening in Egypt? Is it safe to travel to Egypt?  Express.co.uk
  5. Multiple deaths in car explosion in central Cairo  Sydney Morning Herald
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  1. El Paso's Latino community lashes out at Donald Trump after mass shooting leaves 22 dead  ABC News
  2. El Paso mass shooting: Manifesto refers to migrants as ‘invaders’  NEWS.com.au
  3. Trump may be uniquely unwilling to curtail racist acts of violence  The Age
  4. We must call the El Paso shooting what it is: Trump-inspired terrorism  The Guardian
  5. Trump campaign has posted 2,000 Facebook ads about ‘invasion’ at Southern border so far this year, amid claims racist rhetoric stoked El Paso shooter  The Independent
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  1. New York Times: Trump ‘unity vs racism’ headline sparks outrage  NEWS.com.au
  2. New York Times changes front-page Trump headline after backlash  The Guardian
  3. Trump says Dayton and El Paso shooters 'seriously mentally ill'  Daily Mail
  4. A Front-Page Headline About Trump Stoked Anger. A Top Editor Explains.  The New York Times
  5. ‘The headline was bad’: New York Times amends front page on Trump’s response to mass shootings after backlash  The Washington Post
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  1. Man awarded $36k after accidentally getting circumcised in hospital mix-up  NEWS.com.au
  2. Man circumcised in hospital mix-up gets £20k payout  BBC News
  3. Man circumcised in hospital mix-up gets £20,000 payout  The Guardian
  4. Man goes into hospital for bladder operation and leaves with circumcision after medical mix-up  The Independent
  5. Leicester pensioner Terry Brazier is circumcised by accident by hospital meant to do botox operation  Daily Mail
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  1. Coca-Cola angers people with ad featuring gay couples kissing  NEWS.com.au
  2. Coca-Cola advert featuring gay couples kissing causes outrage in Hungary  The Independent
  3. Pro-LGBT Coca-Cola adverts spark boycott calls in Hungary  The Guardian
  4. A Hungarian nationalist wants to boycott Coke over pro-LGBTQ ads  Aljazeera.com
  5. Coca-Cola featured gay couples kissing in a Hungarian ad. People are furious  CNN
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Pink plane crash: Private jet with manager and crew crashes in Denmark  NEWS.com.au

Danish media are reporting that a small aircraft carrying the management team for American singer Pink has crash landed and burst into flames in Denmark.

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  1. Iran to further reduce nuclear commitments  NEWS.com.au
  2. Iran to further reduce compliance with nuclear deal  The Guardian
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  1. Police identify teen mom who abandoned baby on porch  The Delaware County Daily Times
  2. Newborn baby abandoned on porch with umbilical cord still attached  9Honey
  3. Abandoned newborn: Police track down mother accused of dumping baby on neighbor’s porch  WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
  4. Police locate mother of abandoned baby in Upper Darby  WPVI-TV
  5. Police locate mother of baby abandoned on porch in Philadelphia suburb  ABC27
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  1. Afghan casualties highest since 2017: UN  NEWS.com.au
  2. July casualties in Afghanistan highest since May 2017: UNAMA  Aljazeera.com
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Shark attack: How former sergeant survived 4 days in shark-infested waters  NEWS.com.au

Former Sergeant Edgar Harrell can still hear the screams of the friends who were clinging to each other as a school of hungry sharks began tearing chunks out ...

  1. Canada manhunt: Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod helped  NEWS.com.au
  2. Canada manhunt for Lucas Fowler murder suspects returns to Gillam, as man reveals he unknowingly helped pair  ABC News
  3. Bugs will 'eat' teen fugitives in Canada, survival expert says  The Age
  4. 'Back to Square 1': Search for B.C. fugitives regrouping in Gillam, Man.  CBC News
  5. Canada manhunt: Murder suspects Bryer Schmegelsky, Kam McLeod  NEWS.com.au
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  1. Woman Turns Herself In For Urinating on Potatoes At A Walmart  erienewsnow.com
  2. Woman accused of urinating on potatoes in supermarket  Yahoo News
  3. Walmart: Woman who urinated on potatoes charged by police  NEWS.com.au
  4. Woman accused of urinating on potatoes at Walmart in US  7NEWS
  5. Woman Wanted For Urinating On Potatoes At Pennsylvania Walmart, Police Say  CBS Philly
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  1. New protest erupts in Hong Kong after 44 activists charged with rioting  ABC News
  2. Hong Kong: Chinese forces gather at border, White House monitoring  NEWS.com.au
  3. Clashes after riot charges laid against Hong Kong teenagers  Sydney Morning Herald
  4. Will Hong Kong become the 21st Century Tiananmen Square?  The Australian
  5. Hong Kong charges 44 protesters with rioting, prompts more protests  PerthNow
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  1. Democratic debates: Sanders and Warren team up against moderate attacks – as it happened  The Guardian
  2. Warren dominates Democrat debate, gives voters permission to be bold  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Bernie Sanders begins debate with a fight: You're wrong  CNN
  4. It's Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren v the 'No We Can't' Democrats  The Guardian
  5. Did Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders make a secret pact before Democratic debate?  The Independent
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  1. Canada manhunt: What Alcan Highway of Tears’ is really like  NEWS.com.au
  2. A ‘beautiful soul’: Mother of Chynna Deese discusses her daughter’s volunteering, travels around the world  The Globe and Mail
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  1. Marcel Sydney Geros: Christchurch gang member walks free  NEWS.com.au
  2. Violent offender Marcel Sydney Geros considered a 'high risk'  Stuff.co.nz
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