1. Republicans struggle to defend Donald Trump  Sydney Morning Herald
  2. What happened this week in Trump's impeachment saga? - BBC News  BBC News
  3. Trump lashes out at Nancy Pelosi as impeachment case approaches – ‘She is crazy’  Express.co.uk
  4. Internal Democratic poll suggests a way to bleed Trump dry  The Washington Post
  5. "You'll Be Very Happy": Donald Trump Inaugurates Louis Vuitton US Site  NDTV News
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  1. Boeing staff sent text messages about 'real fundamental issues' with 737 Max safety in 2016  ABC News
  2. Text messages reveal Boeing employees knew in 2016 of problems that turned deadly  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Boeing staff texted about 737 Max issue in 2016  BBC News
  4. Senior Boeing pilot warned of system failing blamed for 737 MAX crashes three years ago  The Independent
  5. Boeing may have ‘unknowingly’ misled regulators about crash-linked software  The Guardian
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  1. Kim Jong-un: Inside North Korea dictator’s life as ‘spoiled brat’  NEWS.com.au
  2. Horses, handshakes and bad edits: The dos and don’ts of political photo-ops  BBC News
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  1. Video shows men laughing, hugging after raping drunk woman at London nightclub  NEWS.com.au
  2. CCTV shows Italian men high-fiving, laughing and hugging moments after raping woman at a UK nightclub  7NEWS
  3. Nightclub rapists 'high-fived' after Soho attack  BBC News
  4. Students who hugged after raping woman in nightclub face jail  Metro.co.uk
  5. Sickening moment laughing students high-five and hug after raping helpless drunk woman in London West End  The Sun
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  1. Malcolm Turnbull defends Snowy 2.0 after report savages project – politics live  The Guardian
  2. Calls for rethink on 'old tech' Snowy 2.0  Port Lincoln Times
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  1. Footage shows harrowing treatment of monkeys and dogs at animal experiment lab  NEWS.com.au
  2. 'Barbaric' tests on monkeys lead to calls for closure of German lab  The Guardian
  3. Horror animal testing lab with shackled monkeys, injured dogs faces closure after raid  Newshub
  4. Undercover Footage Reveals 'Terrible Animal Suffering' In German Lab  Plant Based News
  5. Monkeys scream out in pain in secret footage recorded at 'German lab'  Metro.co.uk
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Harry Dunn parents: Trump shocked us by revealing Sacoolas was in next room  The GuardianView full coverage on Google News
Gunmen kill more than a dozen people in attack on Burkina Faso mosque  The AgeView full coverage on Google News
  1. Trump defends Giuliani amid reports of federal investigation  Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Marie Yovanovitch tells Congress of 'private interests' acting 'for their own gain' in Donald Trump impeachment inquiry  ABC News
  3. Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani reportedly under investigation over Ukraine.  NEWS.com.au
  4. Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump’s real secretary of state  The Guardian
  5. Trump’s Ukraine stone wall has begun to crack  The Washington Post
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Ratings season's tail end, when reality TV feels prehistoric  The AgeView full coverage on Google News
Hunt for suspects after deadly shooting outside synagogue in Germany  Sydney Morning HeraldView full coverage on Google News
  1. Teenager has jaw almost completely ripped off after horror horse accident  7NEWS
  2. Emily Eccles was left holding part of her jaw in her hands after a freak riding accident  BBC News
  3. Teen who caught her jaw after horror horse riding crash was left terrified to look at her reflection  The Sun
  4. Girl's jaw left hanging by 1cm of skin after horror horse riding accident  Devon Live
  5. Horror horse riding accident leaves UK teen's jaw hanging by a thread  IOL
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Luisa Cutting sentenced to 20 years in prison after stabbing BFF more than 30 times in Virginia  Herald SunView full coverage on Google News
  1. Groom charged with sexually assaulting bridesmaid before wedding  Yahoo News Australia
  2. Groom Arrested For Sexual Assault Of Bridesmaid, Bride Marries Him Anyway  Blue Lives Matter
  3. Bride-to-be walked in on groom-to-be sexually assaulting drunken bridesmaid 2 days before wedding: reports  Fox News
  4. Groom sexually assaults wife’s bridesmaid before wedding, police say  WTVR CBS 6 News
  5. Police: Pennsylvania groom charged with sexually assaulting wife’s bridesmaid before wedding  KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis
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  1. Australian man reveals the 'stupid mistake' that left his family stranded in Syria  Daily Mail
  2. Australian woman recounts her mental anguish in Syria  SBS News
  3. Syrian camp for Isis families described as ‘time bomb’ following spate of violence  The Independent
  4. Australian jihadi bride fled to Syria to escape stalker ex  Daily Mail
  5. Syria camp is at risk of falling under ISIS control, Kurdish general says  The Washington Post
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  1. Angered by Brexit, thousands march for Scottish independence in Edinburgh  ABC News
  2. Thousands march for second Scottish independence vote  The Independent
  3. More than 100,000 join pro-Scottish independence march in Edinburgh  Daily Mail
  4. Angered by Brexit, thousands march for Scottish independence in Edinburgh - World News  ABC News
  5. Thousands attend Scottish independence march in Edinburgh  The Guardian
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  1. How Extinction Rebellion put the world on red alert  The Guardian
  2. Animal Rebellion: They're the militant vegan wing plan to stop us eating meat, fish and dairy  Daily Mail
  3. Climate Activists Occupy Paris Mall As Global Extinction Rebellion Protests Begin  NDTV News
  4. I agree wholeheartedly with Extinction Rebellion, but am I too timid for their fearless tactics?  The Independent
  5. London police arrest Extinction Rebellion activists before protest  The Guardian
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Russell Bucklew execution: Missouri inmate executed despite fears it could be excruciating  9NewsView full coverage on Google News
  1. 'Flight shaming' on the rise after Greta Thunberg surged in popularity  NEWS.com.au
  2. Flight shaming: 'Greta effect' is slowing down air travel  Aljazeera.com
  3. 'You look happier since leaving the US!' Greta Thunberg reassures fans with smiling snap from Quebec  Daily Mail
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  1. Teacher sacked for refusing to use transgender pronouns sues  NEWS.com.au
  2. Teacher fired for refusing to use transgender student’s pronouns launches legal action  The Independent
  3. Fired teacher sues school board after he refused to use male pronouns for a transgender student  Daily Mail
  4. Virginia teacher sues after being fired for refusing to call trans student 'he'  The Guardian
  5. A teacher says he was fired for refusing to use male pronouns for a transgender student  CNN
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  1. Hong Kong protests: journalist blinded in one eye as attacks on media escalate  The Guardian
  2. Journalist blinded in one eye after being shot by police rubber bullet in Hong Kong  SBS News
  3. Hong Kong protests: Rubber bullet blinds journalist in one eye  BBC News
  4. Hong Kong protests: Mass rallies planned across city | Live update  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Now Trump wants a tit-for-tat stoush with Europe, no wonder markets are fearful  The Age
  2. US to slap tariffs on EU after Airbus case win  The Australian
  3. US set to impose tariffs on $7.5bn of EU exports in Airbus row  BBC News
  4. US Widens Trade War With European Union, Slaps Tariffs On Airbus, Whisky  NDTV News
  5. Scotch whisky and French wine hit by $7.5bn US tariffs  The Guardian
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Australian man at NZ university dead for three days before being found  Sydney Morning HeraldView full coverage on Google News
  1. Chris Watts' letter reveals chilling details how he murdered his family  NEWS.com.au
  2. Book reveals Chris Watts's letter confessing how he killed his family  Daily Mail
  3. Killer dad Chris Watts' chilling letter confessing how he killed his family  New Zealand Herald
  4. Evil dad Chris Watts reveals he smothered daughters, 4 and 3, TWICE because they woke to see their mum’s b  The Sun
  5. Chris Watts' haunting confession letter after murdering his wife and children  Mirror Online
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  1. Boris Johnson under scrutiny over links to American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri. Here's what we know  ABC News
  2. Woman at centre of Johnson cash row told friends about affair  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Johnson denies wrongdoing over Arcuri link  The Canberra Times
  4. I used to think Boris Johnson could get a Brexit deal. Not after last week  The Guardian
  5. Boris Johnson has cocooned himself in his own inadequacy. No one can touch him  The Independent
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  1. Tourists killed in rollercoaster disaster at Mexico theme park  NEWS.com.au
  2. Mexico rollercoaster crash leaves two dead  BBC News
  3. Two people are killed when rollercoaster carriage plunges to the ground at Mexican theme park  Daily Mail
  4. Mexico City rollercoaster car jumps rails, killing two  PerthNow
  5. Mexico theme park crash: Two people killed after rollercoaster car flips over mid-ride  The Independent
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Former Ukraine prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko says no reason to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden  ABC NewsView full coverage on Google News
  1. Kim Jong-nam: Siti Aisyah said she thought assassination was YouTube ‘prank’  NEWS.com.au
  2. How I was tricked into killing Kim Jong Un's brother: Young mother is tracked to remote village  Daily Mail
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Airbnb: Couple loses $17,000 in fake Ibiza apartment travel scam  NEWS.com.auView full coverage on Google News
  1. Donald Trump impeachment: POTUS rants against Democrats, whistleblower  NEWS.com.au
  2. Democrats plan rapid fire impeachment of Donald Trump  The Australian
  3. 1 Trump Turns Impeachment Into Profit  Daily Telegraph
  4. Trump acts as if he is above the law. The law has begun to fight back  The Guardian
  5. Not too fast, not too slow. Democrats have to get impeachment just right.  The Washington Post
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  1. Yemeni rebels release footage purportedly showing Saudi soldiers captured and vehicles destroyed  ABC News
  2. Mass surrender: Thousands of Saudi soldiers ‘captured or killed’ by Houthi rebels, reports claim  NEWS.com.au
  3. Yemen rebels claim mass capture of Saudi soldiers in attack  Sydney Morning Herald
  4. Houthi rebels claim to have captured 'thousands' of Saudi troops in Yemen border fight  ABC News
  5. Saudi Arabia, Iran: Yemen Houthis release unverified capture video  NEWS.com.au
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  1. Nigerian torture school: 300 men and boys rescued from abuse  NEWS.com.au
  2. Families of boys freed from 'house of torture' Islamic school arrive at makeshift camp  Daily Mail
  3. Nigerian officials search for families of freed male captives  The Guardian
  4. Hundreds of emaciated boys and men, some in chains, rescued in Nigeria  The Age
  5. Nigerian authorities look for families of 400 men and boys freed from 'house of horror' school  Daily Mail
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