When you look up, how far back in time do you see?  The Conversation AU

When you look up at the vastness of space you can see hundreds, thousands and even millions of years into the past.

Can L.A. keep this up if LeBron James has to miss significant time with a groin injury?

LA Lakers star LeBron James said he heard a pop when he left his side’s 127-101 rout of the Golden State Warriors with a strained right groin.

The Lakers earned their first win at ORACLE Arena in over six years and played the final 20 minutes of the game without superstar forward LeBron James.

For many of us, Christmas night was a time to kick back, relax and reflect on a wonderful day as we roasted our chestnuts by the fire. For Steve Kerr, it was a time to watch video of his Warriors’ 127-101 loss to the Lakers earlier that evening. If special games deserve nicknames, let’s call this game “Six Airballs.” I didn’t ask Kerr if Margot served him pumpkin pie with whipped cream as he re-experienced his team’s performance. Kerr seemed fine with the way he spent the evening. He keeps patiently explaining that the Warriors are no longer in their four-seasons-long fantasy world, but now live in “the real NBA.” I’m not sure that’s true. The Real NBA is a club that might not be open to the Warriors.

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, but lost LeBron James — at least for the time being.