MEASLES ALERT: Warning after man diagnosed with infectious illness in SE Qld

Queensland Health has issued an urgent warning after a man visited a number of popular spots in Brisbane while unknowingly infected with measles.

Late next month, the public will get to witness the Super Blood Wolf Moon, a total lunar eclipse that will take place on January 20. The celestial event will

The highlight of January’s sky is a total lunar eclipse, perfectly timed for observers in the British Isles on the morning of January 21. Events such as this occur when the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow; the vagaries of orbital mechanics mean that this happens only occasionally. A lunar ec

A total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon, will coincide with a supermoon and a wolf moon on Sunday, January 20, 2019. You can view it best from South and North America, including the US and California.

The new year will bring several notable astronomy events that will be visible for many across the United States, including a rare celestial alignment that won't happen again until the 2030s.

The moon is gonna be busy in January, and quite a sight to see. Here's why.