Delivering a baby increases, then lowers, risk of breast cancer: Study  Express BPD

Researchers found that the breast cancer risk peaks 4.6 years after a woman's most recent birth but then begins to fall. Having a baby temporarily increases the ...

The briefcase-sized robot dispersed over 100,000 coral larvae across Australian reefs – and if it proves to be successful, it could just be the beginning.

BLASTOFF! A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying advance GPS satellites for the Air Force is on its way to space.

Gabriel Guzman, 33, snapped the unlikely picture while diving in Saxon Reef, an area of the Great Barrier Reef which is well known for its turtle populations.

St. Thomas native Logan Michelle William's love affair with coral began when she was two years old, snorkeling the waters of St. Thomas with her father. When

Scientists are using an undersea robot to repopulate damaged sections of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, according to media reports.